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Ensure your business is prepared for the fluctuating compliance landscape.

What 2021 Attendees Had to Say...

“It’s amazing to have a community like PACE to come together at these events to talk about compliance and how regulations impact the entire industry. Hearing from experts on complex telemarketing laws and how our peers are navigating those laws has been invaluable.”  

-Courtney Kail,  InfoCision Management, Corporation Senior Director - Legal & Compliance


“The live Compliance Officer’s Forum broke some of the latest updates this year such as the RND database, lead generation post Facebook and the FTC’s view, and how STIR/SHAKEN will impact call deliverability  and more.” 

– Ryan Thurman, Director of Sales & Marketing, Contact Center Compliance



“Superb event that offers great information and strategies to call centers and compliance officers trying to protect consumers while also navigating a changing data and privacy landscape.”

 - Tara Condon, Director of Product Marketing, iconectiv

“The immediate access to industry experts provides a rare opportunity to ask difficult questions and receive insightful answers from a wide range of leaders you simply would not be able to access so readily the rest of the year.  I can’t wait for 2022!” 

– Isaac Shloss, CTO, Grupo NGN

"This has been the most beneficial conference I feel I have ever attended. I kind of like the virtual atmosphere." 

- Trevor Smith, CEO, Carguard Admin

“Without the knowledge I gain at the PACE legislative summit, I’m at a disadvantage to those who participated and my prospects and clients will notice.” 

– Jay Hammans, VP of Sales, DialAmerica








Get knowledge and insights from the industry's brightest legal, business and compliance minds.  

Compliance knowledge comes from a lot of sources. Consider Summit your one-stop shop. 

Summit provides new ways to meet to share ideas, solve problems and get inspired.


A.D.D. = Advocate, Disrupt and Dismantle

The contact center industry (like many) needs to get better at diversity, not just talking about it but putting it into practice. Our keynote speaker, Rhonda Talford Knight, PhD, explains this action as “moving from listening to understanding with the goal of belonging.” Whether in our communities or businesses, diversity is achieved through culture shifts that invite inclusion. But where does real change start and what initially sparks and sustains it? 


Rhonda is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) expert with more than 20 years of experience coaching executives and consulting with businesses across industries. Her work includes helping people at all levels of an organization not only understand the value of DE&I, but what actions to take to create a culture of belonging. Join us for this insightful session that will equip you with essential DE&I tools, from a deeper understanding of diversity and how to develop your own strategy to using the appropriate language along the way. 



1. Compliance is from Mars, Sales is from Venus

Tuesday, May 11 at 11:30am ET

Ever feel like you just don’t speak the same language as “Those Compliance People?” Or “The Sales Team” just doesn’t get it? We’ll explore how a better understanding of these seeming disparate roles can bolster overall business success while making everyone’s work life more enjoyable. 

Speakers: Joe DiNatale (Avantive); Andy Balthaser (Alorica), Harvey Livingston (AT&T) and Lora Ross Lawson (Careington) 


2. Traceback 2021: The Next Frontier

Wednesday, May 12 5pm ET

Since USTelecom/The Broadband Association established the Industry Traceback Group (ITG) in 2015, the ITG has played a central and ever-growing role in the battle against illegal robocalls.  Each day, companies from across the wireline, wireless, VoIP, and cable industries collaborate to trace, source, and ultimately stop illegal robocalls.  But cooperation with the ITG soon will be more than mere suggestion and beneficial industry practice:  It will be an explicit legal requirement based on FCC orders adopted in late 2020, just months after the FCC designated the ITG as the official Congressionally-mandated traceback consortium. During the presentation, Josh Bercu and Jessica Thompson will provide background on traceback and ITG’s efforts to date, walk through what it means to “cooperate” with the ITG for purposes of the FCC’s new legal requirements, and highlight some of the ITG’s recent initiatives to scale traceback’s impact in stopping illegal robocalls.


Compliance Track: Tuesday, May 11


1. Update from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Tuesday, May 11 at 1pm ET

Desktop Summit is the the ONLY place where where you'll hear directly from the FTC. 

Speakers: Lois Greisman, Associate Director, Division of Marketing Practices, FTC; moderated by Michele Shuster (Mac Murray & Shuster and PACE general counsel)  



2. Privacy 2.0: Managing Compliance with Emerging State Privacy Laws

Tuesday, May 11 at 1:45pm ET     

With legislatures across the country considering new privacy bills and regulators preparing to enforce newly passed laws in about eighteen months, businesses need to view privacy as a compliance priority. In this session, Josh Stevens, a partner with Mac Murray & Shuster LLP, will unpack some of the compliance challenges posed by the California Privacy Rights Act and the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, assess the current legislative landscape, and provide attendees with actionable insights to advance their compliance programs. 

Speakers:  Josh Stevens (Mac Murray & Shuster), Matt Dumiak and Mandy Horton.



3. Impact of SCOTUS ruling on TCPA and ATDS: Facebook v. Duguid

Tuesday, May 11 at 3pm ET

On April 1, the United States Supreme Court issued the much-anticipated Opinion in Facebook v. Duguid. In a unanimous ruling, the Court held that "To qualify as an automatic telephone dialing system under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a device must have the capacity either to store a telephone number using a random or sequential number generator, or to produce a telephone number using a random or sequential number generator.” The Opinion has a significant impact on pending cases for which the definition of an automatic telephone system will be dispositive. 

Session Speakers: Michele Shuster (Mac Murray & Shuster), Josh Stevens (Mac Murray & Shuster) and Karl Koster (Noble Systems)



4. TCPA Litigation Update

Tuesday, May 11 at 3:50pm ET

Speakers: Michele Shuster (Mac Murray & Shuster), Eric Troutman (Squire Patton Boggs) and Christine Reilly (Manatt)



Compliance Track: Wednesday, May 12 

1. Unpacking the Reassigned Numbers Database (RND)

Wednesday, May 12 at 1pm ET

The FCC's Reassigned Numbers Database (RND) is designed to prevent a consumer from getting unwanted calls intended for someone who previously held their phone number. Callers can use the database to determine whether a telephone number may have been reassigned so they can avoid calling consumers who do not want to receive the calls. Callers that use the database can also reduce their potential Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) liability by avoiding inadvertent calls to consumers who have not given consent for the call. Our expert panel will cover RND basics as well as what it means for contact centers, including the record-keeping, ageing and reporting requirements.



2. Compliance Officers Forum -- LIVE!

Wednesday, May 12 at 1:45pm ET 

Get a glimpse into the monthly meeting of the minds on all things compliance, from interpreting new rules to understanding what’s coming next. Ask questions and share your compliance experience and legal insights with like-minded professionals.

COF Members: Reid Hauser, Karl Koster, Josh Stevens, Isaac Shloss, Michael Avila, Kevin Riley, Ronnie Mize, Javier Limones, Berni Hollinger, Carlota Cunan, Andrew d’Adesky, Mandy Horton, Rebekah Johnson, Michele Shuster, Nick Whisler, Andy Balthaser, Christine Haerich



3. Employment Law

Wednesday, May 12 at 3:30pm ET

In this info-packed session, you'll learn from Lisa Messner, a partner at Mac Murray & Shuster with more than 20 years of experience identifying and remedying compliance issues before they capture the attention of regulators or land in a courtroom. In addition to her litigation practice, she assists clients with achieving industry and statutory compliance, conducting employee training, and proactively improving internal policies and procedures to minimize future litigation risks. In this session, Lisa will cover employment issues unique to contact centers, including the development of work-from-home policies, considerations for accommodations and COVID-19 and post-pandemic, as well as best practices for compliance with wage and hour restrictions. 

Speaker: Lisa Messner, Partner, Mac Murray & Shuster



4. Does STIR/SHAKEN Put Your Business at Risk? 

Wednesday, May 12 at 4pm ET

You are aware of STIR/SHAKEN and the upcoming June 30 deadline, but what does it mean for contact centers? Newly mandated rules could put your calls at risk of being blocked – unless you act now. During this session we will provide insights into the FCC’s new rules and share best practices to help ensure your outbound calls are not blocked or mislabeled as spam.

In this session, you’ll learn:

> What STIR/SHAKEN addresses (and what it doesn't)

> The complexities of implementing call authentication, and what it means for contact centers

> The current state of FCC, Federal, and State STIR/SHAKEN regulations

> Why your calls are at risk of being blocked - and what you need to do about it 

> What solutions are available to augment STIR/SHAKEN deployments, provide a better call experience, and improve customer engagement

Speakers: Henry Hayter, Neustar, Inc. Principal Product Manager and Chirag Patel, Five9, Inc. Director, Product Management, Global Network Services



5. FTC Battle Scars: Lessons Learned from a Call Center Expert    

Wednesday, May 12 at 4:30pm ET

Join our discussion about a call center’s journey through the compliance jungle. Hear the mistakes made, lessons learned, and what outbound call centers need to know to stay ahead of compliance.    

Speakers: Nima Hakimi, Convoso CEO; Heather Griffin, Call Center Consultant & CRO, DVINCI Solar ; Helen Mac Murray, Partner, MacMurray & Shuster 

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Sales/Operations Track : Tuesday, May 11

1.   Persevering Through Change - Preparedness; Recovery; Sustainability 

Tuesday, May 11 at 1pm ET

This session explores three keys for sustainable productivity improvement and compliance attainment:

 - Creating an adapting culture  

 - Change controls to evaluate success

 - Technology solutions that support change initiatives

Speakers: Ronnie Mize (Etech) and Matt Gabrielson (Trendzact)


2. Compliance Sells:  How to Land and Keep Clients

Tuesday, May 11 at 1:45pm ET

Beyond simply “following the rules,” compliance can be a valuable sales tool. Brands expect perspective partners to understand the risks inherent in consumer interactions, from email and chat to phone, text and more. Our panel of industry experts from sales, compliance and operations will explore how a comprehensive compliance program –and the ability to simply articulate it – can help land and keep valuable clients.

Speakers:  Julie Casteel (ibex), Sandra Fernandez (ibex), Viviana Harrington (Aptive Environmental)


3. The Business Case for Self-Regulating Organization (SRO) Certification

Tuesday, May 11 at 3pm ET

From health care and higher education to advertising, professional sports, mining and more, a myriad of industries use self-regulatory processes to govern industry practices, establish standards, develop and apply codes of professional ethics, ensure consumer confidence and more. In this session, we’ll discuss whether SRO certification makes sense from a business standpoint, from landing new clients to steering clear of regulatory fines.

Speakers: Sara Brooke (Compliance Point), Courtney Kail (InfoCision)  



4. Nuances of Technology

Tuesday, May 11 at 3:50pm

> Preparedness: Call Center Operations Pre-COVID

> Employee: Recruitment/ Benefits & Downside To Work from Home Model

> Virtual: Coaching That Drives Effective Engagement 

> Leveraging: Data and Analytics to Drive Results 

Speakers: Terrance Hyman (Cox Communications), Jeff Felman (CPC Media), Tanzil Manawar (Cox Communications) and Chia Cole. 

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Sales/Operations Track: Wednesday, May 12

1. Security & Privacy Certifications in Contact Center Operations

  Wednesday, May 12 at 1:00pm ET  

Data security continues to be a focus within our industry. In a post-pandemic environment where a growing majority of contact centers remain deployed remotely or in hybrid form, securely run operations are a necessity.  The ongoing occurrence, attempts and threats of data breaches by nefarious organizations and individuals continue to make the news frequently so what can contact center organizations do to establish proper security protocols to further mitigate their exposure to protect the interests of their clients, employees and other stakeholders?


This session will examine the steps taken by enterprise contact centers to implement security strategies within their infrastructure to combat this growing challenge.

Speakers:  Fred Shadding, Jasen Shirley, Isaac Shloss, JC Clark



2. Leading through Change with Grit and Grace

Wednesday, May 12 at 3:30pm ET

We’re wrapping up the sales/operations track with a panel discussion dedicated to everyone’s favorite topic: change. While we know all too well it’s the only constant, what sometimes remains elusive are the knowledge and tools necessary to lead your team and business. Our panel will share their expertise and experience from the unique perspectives of seasoned business leaders (Sam Falletta, Incept; and Tom Leidigh, Infinity) and a change expert (Ginette Baker, Teleperformance USA). 


3. Contact Center Trends of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Wednesday, May 12 at 4:30pm ET

This presentation shares Contact Center trends of yesterday, today, and tomorrow plus provides a demo of a real-time call scenario. Wayne Ramprashad will discuss the policies and procedures that were previously enforced in the Call Center and how priorities have evolved since then. He'll also address the current remote workforce and how it has caused significant changes, priorities, and technology improvements. 

Speaker: Wayne Ramprashad, Chief Product Officer, Voci











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